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Valiant Sports


$19.99 USD
  • Take pressure off your hands and build your muscle mass all at once. This high-quality set of Valiant Sports Weightlifting Power Hooks allow users to improve their strength and efficiently without causing unnecessary damage to their body.
  • Boasting a stylish black and red color scheme and designed to fit into your workout gear with ease, these powerful power hooks are also lined with neoprene padding and coated hooks assures your hands stay comfortable and perfectly secured through each workout
  • A great way to provide your workout with the proper level of grip to perform a variety of different activities and workouts. These power hooks are ideal to use during shrugs, pull-downs, pull-ups, chin-ups, dead lifts and more
  • Offered in a standard size which features one size fits all form, these power hooks are designed with an adjustable strap which allows the user to fully customize the fit to their needs.