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Valiant Sports


$7.99 USD
  • Valiant Weight Lifting Gloves are versatile in design as they are comfortable in fit, this high-quality pair of gym gloves is ideal for wearing during a variety of different activities and workouts. From weight lifting to training or just simply working out, when you slip these weight lifting gloves onto your hands it gives you the proper grip on every bar or handle you may use.
  • Easy to take on and off and featuring a short finger length that lifters love; these gym gloves reduce unwanted bulk and includes a hook and loop that keeps your wrist safe and secure through every movement.
  • Made with a stretchable fabric that offers user maximum breathability, and holds your hands just right via the fastener strap, boasting a light compression that holds tight no matter what activity you’re taking part in.
  • A simple addition to your workout gear that will make a world of difference in both the safety and execution of every motion; these incredibly stylish weight lifting gloves also feature a rubberized grip that takes away the pressure applied to your hands all throughout your weight lifting workout.